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With the highest quality and reliable service, we are ready to help optimize your supply chain. Discover our wide range of quality pallets and contact us today for the best solution for your logistics needs.

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Multinational corporations to local businesses, choosing us as their trusted pallet partner.

Static and Stacking

Static and Stacking

It is suitable for Static & Stacking load applications such as Fertilizer Industry, Rice (Bulog), Animal Feed, Flour, Sugar,...

Racking (ASRS & Shuttle Rack)

Racking (ASRS & Shuttle Rack)

Suitable for ASRS system, Shuttle & Drive-In system, Selective systems such as Food & Beverage Packaging Industry, Pertamina,...

Ekspor (One Way)

Ekspor (One Way)

Suitable for Export Pallets (Disposable) such as Cardboard Packaging Industry, Jumbo Bag, Export & Import Industry, etc.

Industrial Pallet Cart

Industrial Pallet Cart

Industrial Plastic Baskets Ideal for warehouse storage in both regular and cold temperature environments.

Primary Solution for Quality Pallets

GCPal is the top choice for its superior quality, latest innovation, and excellent customer service. We prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to providing the right pallet solutions.

Dapat di daur ulang Recyclable Material.
Plastic is recyclable, reducing environmental pollution and minimizing the need for tree felling.
kepuasan pelanggan Customer Satisfaction Focus.
We are committed to meeting customer standards of excellence, thus impacting our or our company's performance.
Food safety Food Safety.
Because plastic is a synthetic polymer engineered to prevent fungi and microbes from growing, it is safe for food contact.
Pengiriman tepat waktu On-Time Delivery.
We are committed to always being on time during the delivery process, ensuring that goods arrive at the customer's destination promptly.
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Pallets: Bringing Change

Follow our inspirational journey in creating, producing, and sustaining pallets.

Pallets: Bringing Change

Follow our inspirational journey in creating, producing, and sustaining pallets.

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A collection of top-notch pallets for safety and efficiency in your supply chain. Explore now!

CP 11.78-11
CP 11.78-11

1120 x 780 x 115 mm

CP 11.78-11
CP 11.78-11

1120 x 780 x 115 mm

CP 11.11-12
CP 11.11-12

1100 x 1100 x 120 mm

pengiriman pallet hitam

High-Quality Pallets

Discover high-quality pallet solutions from Us to enhance efficiency and reliability in your logistics operations. Find the pallet types that fit your business needs and ensure smooth shipping and storage of goods.

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Certifications & Milestones

GCPAL New Achievements and Certifications: Setting New Standards in Pallet Quality.

PT. Group Cemerlang Plastindo is already certified ISO 9001-2015 with number 122047/A/0001/Uk/En. The company's commitment in the future will always maintain the Quality Policy that has been established as follows:

  • Actively produce the best products (every service or product we provide is the best result from each employee, something we can be proud of).
  • Promptly meet related needs (working with the right quality and on time, including compliance with relevant regulations to meet the expectations of relevant parties).
  • Improve performance for mutual success (continuously improve to achieve success for the company, employees, and all stakeholders).
Sertifikasi SNI Pallet plastik Sertifikasi TKDN Sertifikasi ISO 9001-2015
  1. Company Establishment

  2. 2,200 Ton Capacity Injection Machine Moulding CP 11.11-12

  3. Arrival of Moulding CP 12.10-16

  4. 3,500 Ton Capacity Injection Machine

  5. Arrival of Moulding CP 12.12-16, Moulding CP 15.12-15

  6. ISO 9001:2015 Certification, TDKN Certification, SNI 06-7176-2006 Certification

  7. Supply of Pallet CP 15.12-15 to Pupuk Indonesia

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